Family and Gender

  1. Young Parents Club
  • Engage and unite young EM parents; enhance their knowledge and skillset through monthly activities.
  • Organise talks and workshops to discuss and share difficulties that they are facing, to solve problems and resolve family conflicts on regular basis.
  • Organise family activities / outing twice per year.
  • Identify motivated parents and provide leadership training to take an increasingly leading role in running the Club.
  1. Girls Club
  • Provide continual education and engagement with socially and culturally isolated EM girls, empower them to make smart choices and seek mutual support from the Girls Club
  • Organise Girl Talks to build trust relationship, share sensitive but highly relevant issues including intimate relationship, personal development and family planning, gynecological and reproductive health etc.
  1. Counselling Service
  • Engage universities to offer post-graduate counselling degree to introduce appropriate EM students and graduates to do pro bono service in the long run. 
  • Provide one-on-one counselling by one Indian and one Pakistani counsellor in connection to domestic abuse, martial and relationship problems.
  1. Father Club(Working)
  • Adopt peer influence approach among adult men through developing common interest and hobby, offering them opportunities to observe, do and exchange ideas.
  • Guide them to think about the possibility of potential changes of family members’ role.
  • Organise talks and workshops, create positive stories for them to discuss, share and follow.
  • Provide financial education to help them prioritize family expenses and to build up saving habits.