Health Education and Promotion

  1. Free Health Check-up and Talks
  • Raise awareness of women wellness, children nutrition and reproductive health through free health check-up and talks.
  • Prevent potential chronic illness like obesity, hypertension and diabetes due to their lifestyle and food intake.
  • Conduct a small health study of the EM population using the data from the body check.
  1. Health Club, Promotion and Management
  • Set up Health Club and promote healthy lifestyle.
  • Organise health classes such as dancing, yoga and cooking to practice change in diet, physical exercise and medication compliance under a mutual support group environment.
  1. Translation for Health
  • Provide translation service via Whatsapp for any health-related enquiry and assistance like clarifying medical appointment time, prescription, questions related to health, food and nutrition etc.
  1. Youth Club and Sports
  • Offer young people opportunities to learn team work, positive thinking, develop healthy lifestyle and personality through sports activities.
  • Provide training and promote sports and multi-race integration by Cricket Club.
  • Co-organise football competition by Yuen Long Police Force.
  • Provide training to EM girls by The HK Dodgeball Association.
  • Introduce football training to girls by YLTH.
  • Organise Sports leagues on cricket, dodgeball and football in two service locations.