Hong Kong inclusion and Diversity Index (HKiD)

Hong Kong society has shown a growing awareness of different ethnicities and cultures. The increasing population and the growing role of the ethnic minority community have observed a turning point for policy and practices in creating a more inclusive and diverse society. While all members of the public are key enablers of society inclusion and diversity, the ethnic minority community’s voices are especially pertinent.

To develop a systematic tool for tracking local social development and overall assessment of needs in social inclusion and diversity, the Council initiates the construction of a Hong Kong inclusion and Diversity (HKiD) Index for the advocacy of a socially inclusive society.

As one of milestones of the Project, the Index will be updated and released twice during pilot phase of three years from 2021-2024 of Vision 2030. The first result will be announced in 2023. Through regular reporting, the Index aims to record and keep track of the change of needs of the EM and their families in Hong Kong and progress of social inclusion and diversity in Hong Kong.

Currently the research team has launched the data collection process, and engaged with various government bureaus and public organisations for secondary data. 

Past Event

Project PRAISE, a collaboration project sponsored by the Kadoorie Foundation between the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and two social operators (Yuen Long Town Hall & H.K.S.K.H. Lady MacLehose Centre), aims to promote ethnic minorities’ (EM) empowerment and social inclusion in Hong Kong. We plan to build a systematic and social intelligible tool for the advocacy of a socially inclusive society, namely the Hong Kong inclusion and Diversity (HKiD) Index.

Over the past year, the research team has come up with 6 life domains and a list of objective indicators. We would like to present our tentative indicators and seek advice from individuals who are working toward diversity and inclusion, as well as the bigger ethnic minority community in Hong Kong.

Therefore, an engagement activity titled Count Us In: Deliberation Day for Social Inclusion and Diversity are organized for ethnic minorities and professionals from different sectors who are concerned with ethnic minorities’ issues in a participatory discussion. Professor Lisa Leung from the Lingnan University’s Department of Cultural Studies, as well as the Hong Kong Social Workers Association’s Ethnic Diverse Chapter shall be sharing. Participants are welcomed to share their experiences and barriers to inclusion. The details and tentative rundown of the said event are listed as below.

Details are as follows:

Date : 21st October 2022 (Friday)
Time : 10:00 – 13:00
Address :Auditorium, 1/F, Duke of Windsor Social, Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road,Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Language : English
Event Fee : Free

If you are interested in the event, please do online registration. For inquiry, please contact Ms. Eunice To at 2876 2427/ email: or contact Ms. Tiffany Chan at 2876 2414/ email:

We are looking forward to your participation. Thank you!

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