Induction and Integration

  1. Induction Programme
  • Engage EM youth to build an induction checklist based on their perspective and needs.
  • Implement 2-day induction programme (twice a year) and pair up EM youth with new comers.
  • Run interactive small group induction quarterly to meet diverse people and help them integrate in the community.
  1. Integration (3 in 1) Hub
  • Develop 3 in 1 Hub, i.e. Information Hub, Resource Hub, Social Media and Technology Hub.
  • Make essential information available for access, e.g. public services, government schemes.
  • Exploit resources and opportunities within Yuen Long and Kwai Ching district, e.g. recreational activities, part-time jobs.
  • Support education and tele-booking of medical appointment at public medical facilities.
  • Organize interactive activities to engage families on monthly basis.
  • Build a small equipped studio for EM youth to teach and produce micro-films, offer opportunities to speak and share their own stories with the public.
  • Ultimately committed EM youth will take over responsibilities to collect information and promote to their peers.