Past Activities

Career Talk &  Workplace Visit @ The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd. – 

Date of event: 19 August 2021

9 EMs joined the workplace visit and career talk in KMB Kowloon Bay Depot in the afternoon of August 19.

A short career talk was held by human resources staff from KMB, in which the history and business nature of KMB have been introduced, as well as company’s career structure and daily duties of different positions, including Technical Trainee, Bus Captain. A two-year trainee program is provided to the youth interested in bus maintenance industry, while it offers trainees training and employment opportunities, enhancing interested youths’ understanding of operational model and their strengths. 

After the talk, participants walked around the depot to have a taste of the real working environment, and having better understanding of the daily operations and maintenance procedures of bus depots. An on-site interview session has also been arranged for an EM youth who were interested in the technician post.  

Career Talk and Hotel Visit @ Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui

Date of event: 16 September 2021

26 EMs have visited the Hyatt Regency, Tsim Sha Tsui in the afternoon of September 16.

The representative of the Hyatt Regency, Tsim Sha Tsui first introduced the history and background of the hotel to the EM participants, followed by visit at the main working area in the hotel, including ballroom, restaurants, bar and different types of hotel rooms.

During the visit, participants not only gained better understanding on career path and development of hospitality industry, but how essential is the Chinese language proficiency for service industries in Hong Kong. It further convinced participants the importance of learning Chinese language for extending career choices. After the visit, an on-site interview session has also been arranged for 7 EM youths.

Career Talk and Tasting Workshop of creative industry @ Under Production

Date of event: 26 October 2021

With 15 EM participants, the career talk and tasting workshop of creative industry from Under Production was conducted on 26 October.

Colleague from Under Production has introducted the background of creative industry in first session, like overview, requirements and career prospect. The following tasting workshop allowed the participants to experience the production of music and video. Besides of familiar with the device, they have successfully created their unique masterpiece by cooprtating with each others.

Aiming at allowing the youths to master the skills in production and photographer before starting the career, Under Production has also provided the pre-employment training workshop to them for teaching the basic skills and knowledge.

Career Talk @ Wedo Global

Date of event: 23 November 2021

Educational industry is always attractive to EMs. In order to allow them to investigate more about this industry, career talk by Wedo Global was conducted on 23 November with 9 participants.

Two colleagues from Wedo Global have been the speakers for career introduction and sharing, including job content, required experience and personal feelings etc. Among the job content, the community guided tour was most attractive to participants, many of them asked about details as they wanted to promote their culture in the community. Besdies, Wedo Global has provided various trainings for the EMs, by which they could equip themselves before joining the industry.

Career Talk & On-site Visit @ Many Wells Property Agent Limited

Date of event: 21 December 2021

A group of EM Youths has attended a career talk and on-site visit to Many Wells Property Agent Limited, learning about the property agent industry on 21 December.

During the career talk, the representative from Many Wells Property Agent Limited introduced the background of property agent industry, including an overview, requirements, and career prospects. She also introduced different types of licensing and requirements, inspiring youths to plan for their future.

Participants then paid a visit to one of the Many Wells Property Agent Limited's stores. To let the participants better understand the daily duties of a property agent, the manager shared his stories of entering and working in the industry. He also showed participants the documents and backend systems used by property agents daily.