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A Practical Guide for Cultivating Ethnic Inclusion in Talent Development

In this diverse Hong Kong society, we are daily witnesses to the collaborative spirit that brings together people from various ethnicities and backgrounds. As a city with a diverse population, we believe that ethnic inclusion is not just an idea but a practice, a collective effort, and a co-creation. 

The birth of “A Practical Guide for Cultivating Ethnic Inclusion in Talent Development” is a milestone in our pursuit of an inclusive society. This Guide signifies the impactful outcomes from different perspectives united in a co-creation journey. This Guide is designed as a practical reference to empower individuals from varied ethnic backgrounds to navigate hurdles, assimilate proactively into the fabric of Hong Kong society, and advance their professional skills and aspirations. Embracing the ethos of co-creation, we are committed to fostering a more inclusive and fair community. 

Finally, we hope that this Guide can serve as an inspiring and empowering tool to assist all friends from diverse ethnic backgrounds who strive to live and work in Hong Kong. Through concerted efforts and shared understanding, we endeavor to co-create an inclusive Hong Kong society where every dream and potential is within reach. 

  1. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service. (2024). “A Practical Guide for Cultivating Ethnic Inclusion in Talent Development”:  https://bit.ly/44fhK0e
  2. 香港社會服務聯會:《建構種族共融的人才培訓實用手冊》, 2024: https://bit.ly/49NI96u   
  3. Bilingual Factsheet for Multicultural Employeeshttps://bit.ly/3UGz4XD
  4. Bilingual Factsheet for Ethnically Inclusive Employershttps://bit.ly/3yoXehw

If your company/unit requires the hardcopy of the Guide, please fill in the Request Form: https://shorturl.at/oCES6 by May 31, 2024


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Ethnic Minority Professional Traineeship Programme

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) initiate the Professional Traineeship Programme for the Ethnic Minorities (EM) (the Programme). The programme has recruited interested  EM trainees and employers from business and social service sectors.

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